Master Class for Yoga Teachers

Monday, Aug. 17th 6:00 – 7:00 pm Central

or Tuesday, Aug. 18th 1:00 – 2:00 pm Central

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As our world is evolving, how are you evolving in or out of alignment with this ever changing energy?
•Who are you?
•Why are you here?
•What is your purpose?

Let’s explore YOUR evolution in this quickly Evolving Yoga Industry.

Whether you’re:
•thinking of staying in the yoga industry and shifting your approach, or
•contemplating getting a “real job” (I say tongue and cheek), or
•getting back into the industry…

…this is an exploratory process to help you make decisions that align with your energy and purpose.

In this Master Class, you’ll:
1) Explore how your strengths and values guide your thoughts, actions, and words
2) Explore how to define your personal and/or professional purpose
3) Learn ways to get UNSTUCK and empowered to move forward toward your dream in honor of your gifts and purpose, either within or outside of the yoga industry

Dr. Culver will share how different repeatable approaches can help move you forward. The repetition is helpful because it can be tied to different topics (at will) as we continue to universally shift, as often as needed. Additionally, various support options will be shared to help you take this even deeper and further outside this one hour call.

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